Meet Tyranno-cake-o-saurus

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Meet Tyranno-cake-o-saurus



We have had an absolute pleasure creating this cake decoration, a lot of hard work and precious time went into this project. It was showcased at the good food and wine show at the expo centre. It felt amazing having all these spectators stare in awe over our master piece. Our audience could not believe Rexi was purely made of cake. At the end of the show the cake was donated to Food for Africa.

Here are some interesting  facts about Tyranno:

  • He measures roughly 3.5 meters tall and 5-6 meters long, this is on average the size of a 14 year old, Juvenile.
  • Rexie was so big that he had to be transported in two pieces. Sponsored by Rolkem
  • His body is made up of 250 slabs of cake sponsored by Riches.
  • 240kg of fondant sponsored by South Bakels.

A big thank you goes out to our sponsors!