Deon Swarts ’Master Cake

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Decorator’, combines his skills with his talented team of bakers and cake decorators to create the most magical wedding and novelty cakes; that you will have the pleasure of feasting on.

Not only your eyes but taste buds too.

He is enthusiastic, optimistic, and future-orientated. He believed he’d be successful and was willing to risk his resources in pursuit of his cake decorating career to blossom. He has high energy levels. He has the creative capacity to recognize and pursue opportunities. Passion fuels the drive and determination required to be successful which shows in the quality of cakes he produces. He’s made it his long-term goal to turn fantasies into reality and create magic daily. He thoroughly enjoys what he does.

He has undeniable talents, skills, and abilities necessary to achieve all the goals he’s set out for himself and his customers. The Cake Genie is situated in Mondeor, where cake fantasies become realities. Deon also offers cake decorating courses to other creative people. Therefore, a day isn’t a normal day without him saying: ‘today was a fairytale’.