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Hi there, I’m referred to as ‘flavours and fillings’ but many of you may know me as, chocolate, red velvet and lemon crumble. I am the bestsellers at The Cake Genie. When creating me, he adds ingredients of love, happiness and wonder. Therefore; when you eat me, you are taken into a world that surpasses your utmost desires.

They always say find what you love and let it kill you. That’s where my second name comes in; Death by Chocolate. I ooze of a dark chocolate ganache filling that will absolutely take your breath away.

I’m made in a mouth-watering flavour which many of you know as red velvet. I ooze of a black cherry infused with a cream cheese filling.

I also come in a lemon crumble cream cheese flavour with just the right amount of fresh, crisp and lemon zing.